"Master of Monster"

I could like to claim if you do not mind

Father Alexander Anderson/Paladin Anderson


Anderson's glasses

Anderson's Blessed Blades

Manga Volumes/Chapters

Volume 1/ Chapter 5: Sword Dancer(2)

Yes I know I have an obsession so no you do not have to tell
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Hojo ♥

Master of Monster

Right i am unfamiliar to the idea of claiming so if i get this complety and utterley wrong don't punish me too harshly^^

Right i would like to claim:

Rips Suit

The Doctors Goggles

The pairings:



I would also really like to claim Lieutenant Rip but somehow she's taken *damn* yeah unless you're allowed to share that...its out of the question...
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All Grown Up
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Master of Monster


I'm new here, and here are my claims

I'd like to claim Integra's cross. I was kinda surprised it wasn't already taken!
And I'd like the scene where Integra's in the firing range in Order 2.
Alucard's hair. You just can't beat style like that.
Order: 06 Dead Zone.
And the, "And a good evening to you, Miss Hellsing," exchange.